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Christine Liber, Principal

Christine takes a creative and agile approach to communications, PR, and marketing. With over 20 years of experience in a wide range of sectors, she's built a reputation for delivering exactly what is needed in order to achieve outstanding results for her clients. Christine is skilled and stealth at establishing a brand voice, building a narrative, delivering key messages, gaining exposure, and amplifying awareness. As a producer, Christine works seamlessly with in-house creative teams; she also benefits from a close circle of established and trusted partners including videographers, photographers, and multi-media designers. 

Client Services

  • Communications, PR, content, branding, marketing, media relations.

  • Digital content producer; social media strategist.

  • Key message development. Media training.

  • Scripts, press materials, newsletters, advertorial, web content.

  • Live event promotion, planning + execution; tour + unit publicity.

  • Experienced in working with multiple stakeholders and managing partnerships.

Christine is known for her versatility and efficiency. Her success can be attributed to two simple mandates: Under promise. Over deliver.

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